Thursday , September 21 2017


Why Bitcoin is Not a Bubble.

The internet is replete with people referring to bitcoin as a “bubble.” They are spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt galore. They believe bitcoin’s high price spells impending doom, but their criticisms move beyond mere skepticism. It seems like they just hate cryptocurrency. Yet many of these pundits do not fully …

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Dash Price Rises by $20 as $400 Becomes a Viable Target

Today appears to be the day of anonymity- and privacy-centric cryptocurrencies going up in value. We mentioned earlier how the Monero price is showing some positive signs of momentum right now. Dash is seemingly going through a similar trend, as its value has gone up by 6.35%. With the growing …

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What Is Ethereum’s Viper Coding Language?

Solidity is the main coding language for everything related to Ethereum. Although it is not the most convenient language to learn, let alone master, it does allow developers from all over the world to pick it up pretty quickly. However, there is also the Viper language, which has undergone some major breakthroughs …

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Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Cites Political Motives Behind Crackdown

BTC-e operators have made an announcement confirming the platform is preparing for re-launch.   In their update at Bitcointalk, the spokespersons for the exchange wrote: “Currently the process of transferring digital resources to the investment company is underway. The company is preparing for re-launch. As announced earlier, users will be …

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Fake Bittrex phishing website as 1st search result in google

Cryptocurrency users have seen their fair share of phishing scams over the years. In most cases, those scams involve fake exchange or wallet websites. Users are often contacted through an email campaign, which is often somewhat successful. This is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Things only get …

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