Hi !, A lot of friends ask me how do i keep on updating my facebook status via different devices and services. This tutorial post is answer to them. This tutorial will explain a simple trick to let you update your facebook status with google, blackberry, your bed or almost anything you like.

First of all take a look to the Master URL below:

the [[app_id]] in Master URL does the magic of calling the “post via method” on facebook, confused ?? ok let me make it simple with the below example. Copy & Paste the this example url : “
in new tab in your browser or click on it. This enables you to post status via as shown in below snapshot.


now what i did is very simple. I just replaced the [[app_id]] in my Master URL with my’s [[app_id]] which is “269258903188500” and created an example url.

 Now if you want to update your facebook status via blackberry, you need to know blackberry’s [[app_id]](*it is  “136052873183057” i already know it 😛 ) and replace[[app_id]] in Master URL to that.  To know app id there is a simple process.

Step 1: Go to fb search bar and write the name of app you want [[app_id]] of , for example “Blackberry” as shown below:


Now click enter quickly after writing or click “See more results” link on bottom of search drop-down. You’ll see a search result page, Click on a “Apps” on left toolbar on facebook, you’ll see something like shown below:


Step2: Now right click on the app you want [[app_id]] of and want to post status via that application. Select Copy link Address. Open notepad or any word processing program and paste it there. You’ll find the [[app_id]] in that url as shown below :


Its simple, Happy posting via anything. If you are still confused or lazy :P you can use readymade statusvia codes Below :

Post Status Via’s Links

Update Facebook Status Via

Update Facebook Status Via BlackBerry(Official)

Update Facebook Status Via Ipad

Update Facebook Status Via Android(Official)

Update Facebook Status Via X-box 360

Update Facebook Status Via Windows Phone

Update Facebook Status Via Camera EOS 50D

Update Facebook Status Via PlayStation PS3™

Update Facebook Status Via Youtube

Update Facebook Status Via T-Mobile-Sidekick

 All [[app_id]]’s


There are lots of websites who have thousands of fb likes and shares, who are built on such simple tricks. These websites earns lot also as ad-revenue due to traffic on thier website. Few examples are,etc. This is a free post explaining details Please like it & Share it. Even you can earn money. You need [[app_id]] list for all major devices which you can get Here ” [[app_id]]’s of famous status via Apps”. Like share & comment.

For a manual Status Via i.e status via your own Name or self defined Word read my next tutorial post here. Comments, suggestion & feedback welcomed.


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